What is driving D2C?

We often get asked what are the drivers of the consumer trend of buying directly from brands.

It is one of the fastest growing parts of ecommerce, driven by:

    • D2C brand experience is richer, the intimacy of the brand relationship means repeat rates are high.
    • D2C websites often carry exclusive stock and have high availability of best sellers, no need to use discount to sell at volume and high margin.
    • Own brand D2C websites can carry stock variants that a retailer (at times constrained by a conservative buyer) often don’t carry.
    • Continuing contraction in the retail sector as retailers struggle to adapt to the customer centric nature of multichannel retail.
    • D2C Ecommerce merchandising data can give brands a trend insight advantage to replen in season and inform next seasons product designs.

An on brand, customer centric D2C strategy is now critical to brand success.