Our vision is simple.
We live and breathe retail and we love ecommerce The outsourcing model is outdated and ready to be disrupted. We don’t service clients, we partner brands.
And our mission?

To become a genuine extension of the teams we work with. We strive to nurture, respect and expertly channel their passion into revenue and loyal customers.

We pride ourselves on a new way of working. Our partnership approach enables brands to build, develop and grow Direct to Consumer (D2C) ecommerce revenue
(but here’s the curve ball).. without any fixed overheads.

The benefits of working this way are:

You get a dedicated and consistent high performing ecommerce and trading team with best practice skillset.

Flexibility. We have the ability to work with any existing platforms or alternatively develop bespoke platforms - taking into consideration your technical architecture compliance.

A unique and risk free performance marketing methodology. We own, manage, optimise and underwrite media costs across platforms such as Google PPC, Facebook Paid Social and SEO. These are all covered as part of the percentage of revenue approach. We take extra care to understand, respect and adhere to brand guidelines at all times.

It’s truly is a partnership approach. It is in vvast’s interest to drive revenue for the long term and maintain brand equity due to our paid on performance model and a true focus on Lifetime Value (LTV)
Our phased Incubation to Acceleration to Fledgling model means we support you through business growth transition.