It’s a Dog’s Life

Introducing a very important member of the team, our resident office dog Bertie. His roles include Chief Greeter, Sofa Security and “Environmental Officer”.

Bertie takes his role very seriously and is always on hand to greet team members or visitors with enthusiasm, keep the sofas warm and dispose of apple cores when you’re finished. He’s also on hand for belly scratches (his belly not yours) should you need to relax – it’s scientifically proven that petting a dog reduces stress, so really it’s for your benefit not his…

Apple cores
New people
Chasing squirrels

Being brushed
People wasting apple cores
Being late to leave the office for lunchtime walks and hometime

As well as encouraging exercise and stress reducing pats, an office dog has plenty of other benefits… don’t believe us, feel free to read more about the benefits of an office dog here.

P.S. He won’t need much persuasion to be your friend, but to be his favourite just keep sneaking him cheese.