Introducing Danny

Having held various roles within the eCommerce & Online Retail industry since 2012, I’ve now joined the rapidly expanding vvast team as an Assistant Merchandiser.

Before this move, I was working as a Listings Manager for a multi-channel D2C retailer based here in Bristol. The company ran several in-house brands spread across different sectors, working with our own custom websites, as well as trying to tame the multi-headed beast that is Amazon. Because I was working across a wide variety of systems, I quickly learned the value of automation – why spend endless man hours checking competitor’s prices when a repricer plugin can do this for you? I quickly learned that the more day-to-day workload you can find solutions for, the more time you can dedicate to running deeper analysis and finding ways to optimise product performance.

When dealing with Amazon, many of these automated solutions are actually offered by Amazon themselves – all for a price, naturally. These range from high level international fulfilment services, right down to things as trivial as physically labelling your products. Having managed the account right from its inception, I’ve gained a wide base of knowledge on these services, as well as the associated costs & benefits that a business would need to consider when looking to take advantage of the marketplace.

Among these services, two of the most important ones that ended up being key to our entire Amazon strategy, were Fulfilment By Amazon (or FBA), and their Brand Registry.

  • FBA involves shipping stock to Amazon’s own warehouses in bulk. When ordered by a customer, it’s then packed and shipped by Amazon themselves. This makes it a really scalable option for fast selling products, but it involves surrendering some aspects of customer interaction. Because of this, and the higher costs involved, it may not be suitable for every brand.
  • The Brand Registry is Amazon’s way of protecting registered trademarks. Once enrolled, this gives you some limited control over who can edit and sell on your listings. Importantly, it also allows you to add far more engaging content to your product listings, which has huge benefits to conversion. Every brand with a registered trademark should be using this!

Amazon’s systems and services are so in depth that I’ll be discussing them in detail over the coming weeks, so watch this space!

Of course, my experience doesn’t end with that one marketplace. The wide breadth of the product offering means I’ve been responsible for everything from managing stock holdings across multiple warehouses, to optimising product descriptions, and running PPC campaigns. I can’t wait to see how I can use these skills to help vvast’s partner brands flourish.

I also like to take photos on old and impractical cameras, but that’s probably less likely to be called into use…