Klarna and Google Analytics

For any eCommerce brand it is important to be able to analyse how customers are coming to your site and how they are converting. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time, creativity and (perhaps most importantly) money, putting together your PPC ads, social posts and emails, and want to track your return in investment correctly to make sure that all that hard work is paying off.

The referral channel on Google Analytics is a tricky one, it should show data about customers who have been referred to your website by another website. However, it can tend to pull information from some fairly random sources that will muddy your data, as these sessions/conversions should be attributed to a different channel. One such example is Klarna.

Klarna, a partner of vvast, is a new payment method, that allows customers to effectively pay on credit. So you can buy a product, have it delivered, try it on and only pay once you’ve decided to keep, or return the item and not have to wait the 5 to 10 days for a refund.

We discovered that a lot of transactions made through Klarna were appearing in the referral channel on Google Analytics. This meant we weren’t getting the relevant data of how a customer came to the site and which channel should be attributed to that conversion. As Klarna is a payment service, customers are taken to it the end of their journey to pay, therefore, the conversion rate for the referral channel was exceptionally high, because most customers using Klarna have commited to buying by that stage. So the data really wasn’t very useful.

We realised this was happening for a lot of brands, and with both us and Klarna support being unable to provide an immediate solution, we set about working out how resolve this. After some trial and error, we found the solution, which is really quite simple, and we are now here to spread the love.

As Klarna was being featured under the referral channel in Google Analytics, you just need to exclude this url from the referral list. Below is a step by step diagram of where to find this. Now you can attribute those all important conversions to their relevant channel and have a better understanding of your customer’s behaviour.

In your analytics account, go to the Admin section.


Click on the <> Tracking Info option in the middle column, titled Property.


Select Referral Exclusion List.


Click on the big red +Add Referral Exclusion button and add the Klarna url.


This will stop Klarna from appearing as a source in your referral channel, and will therefore attribute those customers to the correct channel so you’ll know how those ever so important paying customers have made their journey to your website.


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